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"Flo has an exceptional eye to capture the heart of the horse - which is rare - and she is a fantastic, friendly person."

- Georgia, Bromsgrove


Hello, I'm Flo.

I illustrate the essence of the horse.

I am a Herefordshire based Equine Portrait Photographer covering the entire United Kingdom. I produce dramatic, punchy, edgy, and moody images of the horse.

My first horse experience was when I attended a birthday ‘pony party’ at the age of six. That was it, I was hooked. By the time I was thirteen I was lucky enough to own my first horse - Cracker. 


As I reached my mid-teens I sadly began to struggle with my mental health. Even though I felt incredibly low at times, I developed a way of coping - I would spend hours sitting with Cracker, taking photographs and creating short films of him to keep my mind elsewhere.


I realised a way of observing my beloved horse; photographing him taught me to capture moments that filled me with sheer joy. Not only did he teach me to 'be' around horses; he taught me their very essence, their gregarious nature, and the intelligence of their souls. 


This is why I started my business.

I want to share with people how horses make me feel.

I want to capture how they make you feel, because I understand this through every fibre of my being.


My images are a dramatic and moody representation of my innermost thoughts and feelings. I don't just photograph what we see on the outside of the horse, I capture their heart, mind, and their character.


I work on a commission basis; producing beautiful photographic portraits of our equine friends, for you to proudly display in your home. Please get in touch so we can discuss your ideas!